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We couldn’t wait to share these creative travel tips with you that we snagged off of Pinterest.    Save some money and feed your creative side…win win!
Have you noticed that “DIY” is the way to go?  Check out this crafty idea here by sewing a few pillow cases together.  It packs well, and you can stuff the pillow cases with pillows at your destination for an inpromptu lounging mat for the kiddos.

And what about those little do-dads you save along the way: train ticket stubs, a wine label from Paris, or that napkin from the hole-in-the-wall bistro you discovered?

Display them all in a frame like this before they get misplaced or tossed in the trash.  It is not always the pictures on your smartphone that bring back the most memories–it’s the extras along the way!
And how about this interactive travel pin-up map?
This corkboard is a cute and fun way to track your travels stateside and show them off to the world!
Happy Travels!

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When life feels a little dreary and bleak, and you’re counting down the days until you can roll down the windows and toss a Frisbee, you have to rely on your imagination and “vision” for the future to get you through. We are fans of pulling out back issues of “O”, poster board and a glue stick and creating a new vision of your life—one that includes fabulous shoes, inspiring quotes and lots of bling. If you can’t stand all that clutter or have already cancelled your subscriptions, check out Pinterest.

Be inspired by the visions of others and create one of your own. At JCL Services, we are always scouting out new and unique ideas for design, decorating, recipes, and especially organizing, and Pinterest is plentiful in all areas! The glorious weather we are enjoying earlier this week has us in a spring fever, beachy-kinda mindset so we wanted to share these outstanding pins we came across!

Dress it up or dress it down, the beloved flip-flop can add the perfect touch to any spring ensemble.  As you dig them out from under your short-lived winter boots, try this clever solution by EPBOT.  Combining JCL’s love of vertical hanging storage and warm weather footwear, we love this crafty idea!  To get detailed instructions on the fabulous execution of these cute flip-flop hangers, visit her blog.

Speaking of shoe storage, another spring-inspired find was a hanging “shoe garden”—a great space saver from Apartment Therapy.  Re-use a canvas shoe organizer for your spring sprouts!

Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize your spring wardrobe using a towel rod and shower curtain rings from A Full Measure of Happiness blog.

Here’s to crafty vertical storage and sassy accessorizing!  We hope this gets you fired up for an early spring this year…get out and enjoy the weather!

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