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When life feels a little dreary and bleak, and you’re counting down the days until you can roll down the windows and toss a Frisbee, you have to rely on your imagination and “vision” for the future to get you through. We are fans of pulling out back issues of “O”, poster board and a glue stick and creating a new vision of your life—one that includes fabulous shoes, inspiring quotes and lots of bling. If you can’t stand all that clutter or have already cancelled your subscriptions, check out Pinterest.

Be inspired by the visions of others and create one of your own. At JCL Services, we are always scouting out new and unique ideas for design, decorating, recipes, and especially organizing, and Pinterest is plentiful in all areas! The glorious weather we are enjoying earlier this week has us in a spring fever, beachy-kinda mindset so we wanted to share these outstanding pins we came across!

Dress it up or dress it down, the beloved flip-flop can add the perfect touch to any spring ensemble.  As you dig them out from under your short-lived winter boots, try this clever solution by EPBOT.  Combining JCL’s love of vertical hanging storage and warm weather footwear, we love this crafty idea!  To get detailed instructions on the fabulous execution of these cute flip-flop hangers, visit her blog.

Speaking of shoe storage, another spring-inspired find was a hanging “shoe garden”—a great space saver from Apartment Therapy.  Re-use a canvas shoe organizer for your spring sprouts!

Lastly, don’t forget to accessorize your spring wardrobe using a towel rod and shower curtain rings from A Full Measure of Happiness blog.

Here’s to crafty vertical storage and sassy accessorizing!  We hope this gets you fired up for an early spring this year…get out and enjoy the weather!

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Tax season is upon us…yikes!  As you dutifully dig up old receipts and gather your tax documents, do you find yourself wishing you had a better system—better than crumpled receipts at the bottom of your brief case or floor board?  There’s always room for improvement.

If one of the reasons you are burrowing receipts at the bottom of your purse is because you don’t have a proper work space due to space constraints, how about a stylish/functional desk that allows you to tuck your work away when the work day ends? If that’s the case, try the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”approach.  There’s nothing like a smart storage solutions to perk up your productivity.

Your desk will always be waiting when you need it!

Take heed, however, out of sight, out of mind may work for your class assignment, but it won’t work for the tax man.  Even if you’re running at full steam, take time at the end of each day to empty your receipts and/or log your mileage (if applicable).  Keep a storage bin or basket near your work area, and get into the habit of ending your day by clearing your wallet and/or purse of necessary tax paperwork.  At the end of the week or month, categorize and file away.  The key is to stay on top of it.  Mole hills will quickly become mountains if you don’t have a system—any system—that keeps you from dealing with a year’s supply of paperwork in one day.

If you’re still not feeling it, incorporate some color!  There are so many fun, colorful office products out now—clearly some women got into the industry—use liberally.  You’ll be surprise how much more fun sorting receipts can be with a bright, color-coded system.  So much better!  Bring on the tax man!

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When you think “hall closet”, does a jumble of coats and muddy winter boots come to mind?  Does your bedroom closet make you cringe?  Don’t let the winter doldrums get you down…rediscover the great indoors!  Take some tips from JCL Services for some handy closet storage solutions.

Take advantage of doors.  If you haven’t already invested in over-the-door racks, now is the time. You can hang simple hooks for robes, jackets, or hang a shoe rack.  Real Simple suggests using a shoe rack for a quick sports storage solution.

Stow or donate unused items.  Avoid piles of clutter by stowing out-of-season clothing in labeled canvas bins like these.

If you encounter an in-season item you haven’t worn this year, donate it.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space.  Tackle the closet clutter by hanging as many things as you can. If you have more coats than there is room, consider splitting the space by hanging two closet rods. Hang the jackets you use most frequently on the bottom rod, and the less used items on the top rod. Hang hooks from those rods for miscellaneous bags and purses to reduce floor clutter.  You can also use hanging canvas shelves for the extra odds and ends that would otherwise end up on the closet floor.

Be a Closet Creative!  If you have room in your walk-in closet, hang a mirror on the wall to make your morning routine easier.  If you do not have space for all of your clothing despite your efforts, try converting a piece of furniture into a secret storage solution.  An armoire with rods, hooks, and stowed bins becomes a second closet in your bedroom without cramming everything into a small closet space.

Don’t let indoor chaos leave you pining for springtime.  Starting with those closets, make your own clutter-free haven here at home!  For more tips on how to stave off indoor boredom, stay connected to JCL Service’s blog.  Life Just Got Easier!

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